The company

The company began its operation in 1974 under the name “PIERBITHERM Ο.'', in the field of manufacturing electrical water heaters and wooden water heaters.

In 1980 it became “ELBITHES.A. '',and at the same time embarked on the manufacture of solar water heaters.

It acquired its final corporate form in 1987, under the name “EBIL S.A.”.

Today, EBIL S.A. is active in the manufacture of electrical heaters, boilers and solar systems.

A second company, “EBILSMALTAS.A.” was created in 2003 that is involved in the vitrification-enameling of the water heaters and boilers.

EBIL is a family business with a very successful track record as regards its sound, optimum operation.

40 YEARS of continuous research and development of its technical infrastructure, have led the company to the forefront.

The INSTALLATION of its new automated vitrification plant with double enameling, has secured a top ranking for the company in this field.

The endurance and reliability of the THOUSANDS of appliances of all types it has installed, have established the company as the number one choice for consumers.

EBIL CONTINUES TO AIM HIGH. It invests in state-of-the-art technology.

It manufactures functional, economical and safe machines.


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