Watt 3500 3500 3500 3500
Litres 60 80 100 120


EBIL electro-boilers consist of the following components:

1. An outer casing made of 0.6 mm thick steel sheets that are electrostatically painted at  200 °C.

2. A boiler made of a steel sheet after a process of extra deep extrusion that is 2.0 mm thick, particularly suitable for enamelling, and whose endurance is tested at a pressure of 15 atmospheres. The water tank has one horizontal welding seam (instead of three), which ensures:

•  Maximum resistance to corrosion.

•  High mechanical endurance.

•  An unlimited lifespan.

•  Fewer joins – weldings, and consequently an improved vitrification application.

3. Strong ecological polyurethane insulation, 20 kg/m3 density and 20 mm thickness.

4. Electrical resistance of 3500W with a safety thermostat that can easily be replaced.

5. Magnesium rod.

6. Thermometer.

7. Enamelled spiral exchanger.


Keymark  iso certified 2015           DQS