• New copper collector system, with copper sheet and pipes and a titanium processed selective area.

 • Selective collector absorption coefficient: α = 0.95

 • Selective collector emission coefficient: ε = 0.05


alt  • New frame with double walls, that offers improved heat insulation and mechanical endurance.






 • Copper collector with copper sheet and piping, welded using the ULTRASONIC system.

 Available in two types:

  A. With “blue selective coatingType SB

  Β.With black paint Type S

 •Collector insulation with 40 mm stone wool and black glass fabric coating.

• 0.5 mm aluminium collector back sheet.

• Protective 4 mm glass pane with low iron content for greater permeability.


 •  A boiler made of a steel sheet after a process of extra deep extrusion that is 2.5 mm thick, particularly suitable for enamelling, and whose endurance is tested at a pressure of 15 atmospheres.

 The water tank has one horizontal welding seam (instead of three), which ensures:

  •  Maximum resistance to corrosion

  •  High mechanical endurance

 •  An unlimited lifespan

•  Fewer joins – weldings, and consequently an improved vitrification application

Internally, the tank is protected by a double vitreous enamel coating and processed at 860 °C.

• Insulation with cast polyurethane, 40 kg/m3 density and 60 mm thickness.

• Outer stainless steel casing of 0.5 mm thickness, or pre-painted galvanized plate.

• Safety valve for water pressure use of 8 atmospheres.

• 1.5 mm steel sheet exchanger (double mantle), that creates a double wall for the circulation of the thermal fluid, thus achieving the best possible heat transfer.

• Electrical resistance of 1.2 - 3500W with a bipolar safety thermostat.

• Magnesium rod for protection from electrolysis F22 mm and L – 350 mm that can be replaced if required.

• Closed circuit filler with a 2 atmosphere safety valve.

• Enameled spiral exchanger (for triple action types).

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